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Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to!

This site is a means for us to give you a taste of what you will find in our store, located in downtown Richmond, Virginia. Most items can be shipped. For many we advise visiting in person to see and experience ALL of the details.

You will find a SHOPPING CART option on each page.  While we do not offer point, click, & buy for various reasons (see below), if you enter the items for which you want more information or which you would like to buy, an email will come to LaDiff, and our sales consultants will respond during our store hours (we are open eastern time, Tues-Sat 10-6, Sun 12-5, closed Mondays) . We still love to have that personal contact with you!

Happy surfing!

Where are you located?  Do you have a store in my city?

LaDifférence has one store location: our 45,000 square foot showroom is located in downtown Richmond, Virginia, a stone’s throw from Interstate 95. Please visit our Directions page for more details. We do not have locations in any other cities.  If you are interested in a product on our website that we cannot ship to you effectively, if possible, we will try to recommend to you a retailer closer to your home.

How can I buy from you?  Why can’t I buy online directly?

If you are unable to visit LaDiff in person – which will always provide you with the most thorough view of our vast selection - then we are delighted to assist you with your purchase via phone (866-4LA-DIFF) or by email.  Our sales consultants are ready and willing to help!

Because of the complexity of some furniture purchases, we feel it is in your best interest to speak to a sales consultant directly about the items you want.  He or she can then discuss any specific options, particulars about certain finishes, and lead times.

When you add the items you like to our ‘shopping cart’ and send the ‘cart’ to us by email, we will respond to you with availability, shipping information, and more.

Why do some items have prices and not others?  Why do you include items with no prices?

Many of our suppliers prefer that their product be sold in a “bricks and mortar” store, so that the consumer (you!) can make an educated decision in person.  Because of this, they restrict pricing online for any of their retailers.  When you add this item to your ‘shopping cart’ – or when you call on our toll-free number (1-866-4LA-DIFF), we will provide you with a price or price range.

Even though we are asked not to include the price on our website, we do want you and other visitors to know that this item is available at our store.  Our website is used as an advertising vehicle as much as a ‘shopping catalog’.  Our ultimate goal is to have you visit in person.

For other pieces, there may be so many options that affect the final price (size, fabric selection, etc), we are unable to price them all. We will try to give you a ballpark 'as shown' if possible, but in most of those cases it is best to call.

How can I find out if you have what I want in stock?  How quickly will I get my order?

Like most retail stores, our inventory levels and selection will vary from week to week.  (Any inventory availability you may see on the website does not reflect what is actually available in our store or warehouse.) When we receive your ‘shopping cart’, we will reply to you with known availability at that time.  The item will be reserved for you when we have received payment or deposit.  We cannot ‘hold’ merchandise.

If the item is in stock, once we have determined your shipping or delivery arrangements and completed your purchase process, including signing off on our invoice and shipping terms, the merchandise will be released for shipment.  The method of delivery and/or your location determine the transit time.

Why aren’t the shipping costs included in the prices?

Because we are a ‘bricks & mortar’ store, most of our customers walk in to shop and buy.  We feel it is fair to price all of our merchandise – in the store or on line – at the same price.  Shipping is added later as a real cost, rather than increasing the price of the merchandise to absorb that expense, as some other retailers are doing.

How do I know the shipping cost for what I want? 

When we know what you want to order, we will bundle the items to determine the most cost effective way to get them to you.  For instance, if we provided a shipping fee for a single dining chair, but that chair can ship 2 to a box, shipping two won’t cost twice as much as shipping one.  If you have a large, multi-item order, please allow us a day or two to work out the best shipping arrangement for you.

Why can’t everything on your website be shipped by common carrier?

Technically, everything ‘can’ be shipped.  That said, there are certain items that arrive to us crated or in so many parts, that the economies of re-shipping it via common carrier become exorbitant and unrealistic.  We have also found that some items are too fragile to re-ship via common carrier.  Those items are available for purchase to customers who live within our delivery area.

Will I have to pay sales tax?

If you are in our store and taking merchandise with you or having it delivered within the state of Virginia, we will collect Virginia sales tax.

If we deliver to your home in Maryland or New Jersey, we will collect state sales tax accordingly.

If we ship to you via common carrier (i.e. FedEx) outside of Virginia, we will not be charging you Virginia sales tax, in accordance with the laws of our state.  You may be responsible for paying use tax to your own state.  Check with your accountant or your state or local government for details.

Do you sell to other retailers or to the ‘design trade’ at wholesale?  Or can I buy directly from the manufacturer? 

LaDiff is a retail store.  We import, select, and purchase our offerings from manufacturers, distributors, and wholesalers around the world.  Some of them may sell direct themselves, at retail prices.  If you are a retailer, we encourage you to attend the many furniture fairs that we attend so that you can learn about the merchandise available to you. 

If you are in the design trade and are reselling to an end consumer, discounts are available (which may vary by product and/or if the item is on clearance).  Please discuss this directly with your sales consultant.  Proof of trade affiliation is required.  Note: our prices are reduced from manufacturers’ suggested retail and include shipping fees to our store location.  Due to the size of our store and the amount of product that we import directly, we believe you will find our ‘regular’ pricing to be very competitive.

Items needed in larger quantities for contract or commercial use will be priced on a per job basis.  Let us help you plan ahead! Please let us know your time frame up front: if we can import your product from overseas, your price will be better, but the lead times are longer! 

What is your return policy?  What happens if there is a problem with my order?

Before your order is final, you will be given a copy of our invoice terms and conditions and our shipping policy to review and sign before we ship.  Some items (i.e. clearance purchases and all special orders) are non-returnable. Our normal return period for regular (non-clearance) merchandise is 10 days from date of purchase.
We require that all customers sign for delivery of their merchandise (delivery without signature will waive your right to claim damaged merchandise).  If your shipment appears damaged (box corners crushed, etc.), we will ask that you open it in front of the shipping company to make note of the damage or refuse it with the shipping company altogether.  We will file a claim with the shipping company immediately and arrange to replace your merchandise.  Please save all original packaging.

If there is hidden damage, we will ask you to take a photo of the damage and email it to our service department for review. We inspect the merchandise before it is packed and shipped, and attempt to catch any possible problems at that time.  Unfortunately, buying furniture online involves some ‘risk’ in presumption of finish and overall appearance.  Our items are fairly priced for the variety of quality levels we sell.  When you speak to your sales consultant, he or she will review with you the nature of the product(s) you like.

If you are simply not happy with your selection, and you did not purchase a clearance item, you can ship it back to us the way it was shipped to you.  In this example, shipping fees and return shipping fees are paid by the customer. The item(s) must be returned unassembled, in the original packaging, and in re-sellable condition.  Your credit will be issued upon return to LaDiff and inspection by our logistics team.  LaDifférence, Inc., reserves all rights in determining if goods were properly repackaged for return shipping.  Items not packaged properly may become damaged in transit and cannot be claimed with the shipping company, and, therefore, would remain the property of the consumer. 

If you have particular reservations about a certain product, please discuss them with your sales consultant before finalizing your purchase.