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866-4LA-DIFF (866-452-3433)
125 s. 14th street, richmond va 23219
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About LaDiff


To be precise, welcome to the virtual LaDifférence:

While this is not our 'bricks & mortar' store, we hope you’ll settle in and get as comfortable on our website as you would in one of the cozy leather recliners in our showroom. (If you already have one, you’ve got a head start!)

LaDiff’s been around since 1980 – when futons, flip chairs, and Danish lighting summed up the entire world of ‘contemporary’ furniture - or ‘lifestyle’ as it was known way back then. (To get our full history, check out the timeline.) Since then, in a world where a gallon of gas and a cup of coffee cost about the same, we’ve seen shabby chic, retro modern, cottage transitional, European sleek, and ethnic eclectic all become accepted as contributing elements to 'modern' design.

Owners - Andy Thornton and Sarah Paxton

The world has changed quite a bit since 1980. Fax machines, cell phones, email, computers, and the internet have all made life easier, faster, and more complicated. One thing that has not changed for us is our desire to know our customers and to make them a real part of the LaDiff family.

LaDiff is a store very attached to our Virginia roots. We are not a 'corporate' national chain. We are squarely located in Richmond, Virginia, and we love our city. We see, know, and work with our employees every day. We meet our customers during their visits to the store and when we see them around town. We enjoy Richmond and its surrounding area and the life it provides for our family.

For these reasons, it is our vision that LaDiff be about the whole experience. From the first ‘hello!’ when you walk in the door, until the last ‘thank you’ from your delivery driver, it is our goal and intention to greet you with genuine joy, enthusiasm, and interest. Throughout LaDiff, we use color, music, and a pervasive sense of humor to surround your shopping experience.

Furniture, household accessories and gifts are the commodities we’ve chosen to sell. Fun, energy, and enthusiasm are our ‘throw-ins’. It’s what comes naturally to us and to our employees to treat every customer as a new friend and every point of communication as an opportunity to get to know you better.

While we want our website to provide a small window into what kind of store we are, and who we are as people, our real hope is that you will like what you see so much that you will want to visit our store in person.

We want you to visit Richmond, and we want you to visit LaDiff. We want you to meet the great people that work for us. We want you to walk our three floors, ride in the elevator, stretch out on the sofas, and test drive the chairs.

Hopefully, while you’re here, you’ll find something irresistible for your home, something you just can’t live without, something that will always remind you of LaDiff.

That, for us, is the LaDiff experience.